Small business merchent services

I am not a coder - just a small business owner who loves the concet of cryptos

I like cardano - and would like to be involved in promotion of a merchant services type product that would allow a coffee shop or a local small business to accept cardano as payment with option of “instant” conversion to fiat

Of course multiple cryptos would be even more ideal but if just cardano that would be neat too

I also dont know enough about how smart contracts and token creation works - but allowing said small business to create a rewards system/token might be a cool feature too. a consumer earns a percentage back in a token exclusive to that business (or possible a network of businesses or chains of a business)

Does this exist?

I have a biz partner that provides such escrowed payment services for personal use and business use. They actually are launching a WooCommerce eCommerce Plugin and Ecwid eCommerce Platform integration soon, making it easier for small businesses to accept crypto for payment. Feel free to ping me to learn more -