Smart Constitution For Cardano

If I understand correctly, in his latest video Charles says he donated 20 million dollars to Carnegie Mellon to work on a method of coding a constitution for Cardano into a smart contract. Let’s call it a smart constitution. I think he is trying to make law understandable to machines by way of working out a language for coding mathematical proofs into computers such that the computer can check and verify if a proof is correct. I imagine first this would have to be coded into the “Lean” language they are experimenting with at Carnegie Mellon. I think in order to for the Cardano blockchain to interpret law it will need to be some what conscious. This is to navigate around Godel’s incompleteness theorems. So he must also be experimenting with artificial intelligence too. Perhaps that’s why the special interest in SingularityNET. But anything that starts to become conscious tries to grow. For that it has to feed. In order to feed it starts to create the very problems it was built to solve.

A very good example of this is the legal system which is a complex adaptive system and so by definition is some what conscious. The legal system now creates the very problems it was meant to solve which is why we have both a drug problem and a war on drugs which together guarantees it will have all the tax money it needs to keep all those millions of dangerous black fathers in jail, so they can’t raise their son’s ,so that it can have generation after generation of black people to scare white people into building more and more prisons and courts.

The same thing will happen to anything that starts to become conscious - including an artificial intelligence. So if we want a blockchain that can interpret law then the blockchain must not only be conscious, but also self-aware, and also aware of the people it was built to serve. This is why I would like to see “Love thy neighbor as thy self” coded into the smart constitution of Cardano.