[SOLVED] Colorized cabal output?

Hello, does anyone know of an equivalent for cabal to colormake project or the GCC_COLORS environment variable, as described in gcc(1) under -fdiagnostics-color flag ? Independently of aesthetics considerations, it comes as quite handy for quickly locating relevant logs when using verbose output.

Same question regarding a bash-completion script for Cardano-related CLI tools. I already asked IOHK about it, and even suggested to do it myself, but didn’t get any reply so far.

Far from perfection, but it seems the best option so far is using ccze (archived GitHub repository and Debian package available). For instance :

$ cabal build all | ccze -A

It’s also worth noting that many CLI tools have a dedicated color option (e.g. grep, ls, ip, diff) that can be applied transparently by using an alias while keeping the name.