Some basic questions Cardano-Daaps

Hi all!

I would like to ask those with better understanding than me some basic question.

I think I understand how cryptocurrencies , at least the basics, but can’t really see the relationship between a cryptocurrency and a Dapp. For example, we have Cardano ADA, but how is it linked with Dapps? I understand the potential of blockchain technology in an app but can´t really see the connection with a coin…

May the use/popularisation of a certain Dapp increase the value of the coin? or is it something running behind the app? is it just for making in app payments?

I think the same questions may be related to a smart contract. How do smart contracts relate to a currency?

I think i am missing the links, it the even exist, between Cryptocurrencie - Smart Contracts - Dapps.

I’m posting on this category as it is mostly related to Dapps, although it’s quite basic.


This is all new to me too, but while we’re waiting for somebody more knowledgeable to come along, I believe the link between currencies, distributed apps and smart contracts is that they’re all based on blockchain technology. Well maybe not all, but where there is a link, that’s it, I think.

I am also a technical layman. I heard others explained: ADA is like Cardano’s fuel.
The development of DApps should be the area that Emurgo Corporation is responsible for. You can learn more by visiting, their official website. :wink: