Some Questions for ada staking

Thanks guys, I am new in ada staking.

I already installed my yoroi wallet on my phone and also take notes of those security words.
Then I found that I have some questions:

  1. I already chosen a pool for a long time and I can see I get rewords in dashboard. But the number in “Available funds” the number is still the original ada numbers which I put in the wallet, is this right ?

  2. I can see the “Available funds” + “total rewords” = “Total Delegated”. And I saw a “withdraw” button, what this withdraw mean? Like are these rewords ada in my wallet or just in the pool ? And “withdraw” means I want to change a pool ?

  3. for those ada in “total rewords”, will these ada be calculated as part of my total ada coins to join next epoch calculation ?

thx so much, I may have some stupid questions.

Yep this is correct. You would have to claim your rewards before you are able to spend them. How ever your rewards are also delegated and also generates new rewards.

The rewards are on your wallet, but on a different address. You can keep them as it is until you would like to spend them. As soon as you “withdraw” them, you move them from the reward address to one of your other internal address like your other funds.

yes as i already said above.

btw there are no stupid questions at all :slight_smile:


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thx, bro, very clearly explanation.

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