Some very minor but extremely beneficial tweaks to daedalus

So i was installing daedalus on my parents tiny media pc the other day and ran into some user experience issues

First the PC itself isn’t terrible but it’s hardware specs fall short of being suitable for daedalus imho.

The Specs:
i5 4750T
4 GB Ram
500GB Mechanical SSHD
Windows 10

The combination of Windows, 4GB and a mechanical drive make this an incredibly painful user experience, the main issue being memory. With Windows already sucking up a +2gb that leaves little RAM to service daedalus plus other tasks, the system will be unusable for anything else but daedalus and even then it will still be swapping to virtual memory whilst daedalus is already trying to consume 100% of the mechanical hard drive whilst downloading/consolidating the blockchain.

The following tweaks will save a lot of pain and frustration from the users perspective

  • Ask users where to install the blockchain itself, recommend an SSD drive and warn if the user selects a mechanical drive
  • Add minimum requirement of 6GB RAM for windows 10, or at least warn users that a combination of 4GM Ram on windows 10 on a mechanical drive is going to take +24hrs and that the system will be unusable during that time
  • upon warning/failing minimum requirements point users to a lite wallet solution, yoroi
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