is safe?

This project is real for Cardano?
Thank you

Ive never heard of that project before and its currently not running on Cardano so id say this is the wrong place to ask about such projects.


hi friend, calm down.
I read that it was part of the system or will do it.
you don’t have to give me an answer like that …
I know that the forum is from Cardano and that’s why I asked here, to make sure.

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Sorry i didnt mean to sound negative or angry at all :slight_smile:

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I read that on a famous crypto website on Brasil.

I will tell the site that they made a bad mistake …

Thank you!

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Ask yourself a simple question

  1. Do we need a token to build a community? No
  2. Is there anything our their github? Nothing
  3. Is there any ready product such like app or web app? No

My answer to the project is a “no no” to this product. Most likely it is a shit/scam project. No offense. :grin:

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yes friend, i agree with you !!!
and see I just received an email from a great crypto site suggesting them !!!
I’ll post the print here

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One thing that I always told myself is creating a project under Cardano ecosystem does not show that it is a good project. As we know, Ethereum is good. However, there are countless of shitcoin was created there. This is very normal circumstance. What we can do is focus on the good one and forget the bad one.

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You are correct!!