SPF Rewards Ticket redeem

I was in my Yoroi wallet. In Assets and saw a line that says “SPF Rewards” 16,000 SPF click to claim. Holy Hell, now all my ADA is gone. 75,300. Only thing left was the unclaimed rewards. Any ideas how to get it back? I can see it sitting there on the block explorer. Shit.

After you signed the transaction to send away your ADA, there is no way to revert that. Sorry!

You can try to report it to the police, to get a lawyer to look into it, a service such as https://www.reclaimcrypto.com/, or tracking down the centralised exchange and try to get them to not cash out or at least give you the scammers’ data (if they have that). But the chances for all of that are very, very slim given past experience.

What should be done with the SPF rewards tokens in my wallet? Should I just not touch it? Or is there a safe way to be rid of them?

Already answered longer here:

You can safely get rid of it and retain only the minAda, using https://detokenizer.com/