Stacking Pizza - ADA Cardano Pool STPZ1

Only 2% fee, on a 24/7 monitored node.

Stake your ADA here like you would stake pizza in your stomach!

At the beginning the reward for the few stacker could be high.


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Thanks for using STPZ1 pool,
We got the first two blocks on epoch 41,
unfortunately with zero transaction,
so no fee to get as reward,
but mean that the pool is working good.

Hello @stefanosu, this is not how it works. For the testnet there are no rewards through the transactions anyway. From looking at your pool stats it looks like your pool was not able to either produce the block in time or maybe lost the race with another pool for this slot.

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I’ve seen on ,
can you tell me how to see the pool stats?

I think the made blocks are updated after the epoch, in the testnet explorer this is.
You wil get rewards after the epoch. Just check your rewards around 20:30 of so.
Your blocks are visible in Pooltool so I think you wil be alright.

Sorry you are right. I didn’t notice that 41 epoch is the current one. The text reads as if it had been the past epoch.

My point was: If you did the blocks, then you will get the rewards, no matter if there were transactions or not.

Are you sure? I think I read that the rewards consist of the block producing rewards and the transaction rewards. The transaction rewards are negligible though…

I’m pretty sure that it was explained on the old site. I just tried to find it for you, but the FAQ has changed with the new design.

If I remember correctly, the basic idea was to exclude rewards in the testnet from transactions because tokens (test ada) have no value and people could balloon rewards by sending tokens back and forth.

Because things changes rapidly in testnet it could be that it is already different. Of course they are included in the mainnet.

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Thanks a lot,
I’ve got the rewards of two blocks, but NOT on the pledge_address given on registration, do you know what this address is for?

Plus on owner address I can see the reward
only if I query the node locally with command
“jcli rest v0 account get $ADDR -h
while on cardano explorer I dont (
Anyone knows something about that?


What kind of pledge address did you use? And did you delegate your pledge address to your pool?

(as far as I understand the pledge address has no function at the moment, and you need to delegate that as well)

as a pledge address I used one of a yoroi wallet from which I’ve delegated the few ada that I have, to the same STPZ1 pool. Maybe I’ve created a loop?
But the main thing is that if I check on the owner address on shellyexplorer I don’t see the reward received that I can see on my node locally, the balance is the older one before the reward.

thanks a lot to who has staked on my pool,
but now I’m looking for stackers since the pool is empty now, but always in sync.

Unfortunately the reward over 32K, of the saturated pool, are not spread to the lowStake pool, that not get any block.
So this pool are going to die because they don’t get reward to pay the server pool running,
and thats is not good for the network health and decentralization.

The pool need to have at list 500K ADA stacked to have good chances to get at list one block per epoch.
Please stake on my pool.