Stake pool allowed date

Despite all the reviews I am still confused WHAT DATE I will be able to stake my coins. What is the date?

If I have 100 coins, do I need 4 wallets to stake 25in each wallet, or can I just keep the wallet and split the 100 into 4 pools?


you can start staking on the mainnet at the 18th august.

not 100% sure if you have to make different wallets if you want to delegate to different pools but imo there is no real reason to split them up.

and btw never tell anyone how much coins you own for your own safty!

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Thanks. That was an example I always use because it’s easy to do the math. Lol.

@shawn. For your own security, please edit your comment with another number. You will be surprised the amount of people that got hacked just because they mentioned their stacks.
This is just an example. You’re led to click on a link believing that you are on the official site, you login, and off your coins go.
Even if the number you mentioned is an example. You attracted attention and that’s never good. You are responsible of your own security. Good luck!

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Thx. Done.

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I’m not sure that only 100 coins makes me a target. It’s worth less tan $10 now in my example, and even if valued at $1 it would only total $100.