Stake Pool node not showing up in ledger after registration

I have registrered my stake pool as described in this article:

I’ve succesfully created and submitted the TX for the pool deposit of 500 ADA + fee.
The TX was processed by the ledger but when I verify my stake pool ID is not found.

How much time does it usually take for the pool to be registered? And what could I do to solve the issue? Thanks for your help

what do you see on or ? does your ticker show up there? You should instantly see your pool there.

if not - most probably you were not synced and your registration didn’t go through.
check your payment wallet - are there any changes or you still have the deposit ADA in your wallet - if that’s the case, try again to register the pool.

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Hi Lauris, thanks for your help.

I still don’t see the pool showing up (both on the pool websites and through cli)
My node is fully synced and the transcation has been proces:

Paid 500,200261 ADA for the registration.

Any suggestions what to do next?

Was your registration transaction correctly pointing to your meta.json ? Was your meta.json correctly constructed?

If no to either of those fix and re register. Don’t pay the 500 again. Just the regular transaction fee like with any other transaction.

Another thing to note. You may want to change the name of your meta.json if either of those were the issue as there might be a long delay with web cache that might stop it from updating promptly if you only update the contents of the meta.json and the url stays the same.


What is your pool id?


I can also confirm I am not seeing that this pool id exists on the chain.

As Lauris said, can you verify the 500 ADA is missing from your wallet / utxo?

Yes I believe the 500 ADA was deducated from my wallet:

can you query your utxo to confirm if you don’t mind?

cardano-cli shelley query utxo --address <addr1…> --mainnet

If the funds were removed from your wallet, the only thing I can think of offhand is you registered the pool using a different set of cold keys (hence a different id)

Your friend, FROG

Stakepool stuff is kind of new for me so not sure if i’m following you correctly (sorry)

I believe I only pointed to the metadata file for the creation of the registration certificate.
For the creation of the RAW TX i used following commands

cardano-cli shelley transaction build-raw
{tx_in} \ --tx-out (cat payment.addr)+{txOut} \ --ttl (( {currentSlot} + 10000)) \ --fee {fee}
–certificate-file pool.cert
–certificate-file deleg.cert
–out-file tx.raw

I think the reference to the metadata is part of the poo.cert (?)

Thanks for your help FROG

                       TxHash                                 TxIx        Lovelace

980a2bc2b54f46987afff05b901a9c139382ca5062cbfd948b6cd6b54d3f7cee 0 497621038

As far as I know I only created the cold keys once. Is there some way I can verify your theory to rule it out?

For just updating the registration area I have you linked to that specific section. After you verify your meta.json file is accurate and the url pointing to it is accurate you can enter that info in the appropriate area of the new registration transaction. You need to go through all the steps again for generating the new registration update transaction.

see if this spits out the same pool id you provided earlier:

cardano-cli shelley stake-pool id --verification-key-file /path/to/cold.vkey

I’ve executed instructions as suggested. Noticed two things:

  1. instead of uploading a copy of the original poolMetaData.json I’ve only copied/pasted the content. Likely the hash of the new file didn’t match the original file. Meanwhile I’ve uploaded a copy of the original .json file

  2. The article also states “Changes take effect next epoch. After the next epoch transition, verify that your pool settings are correct.” Does this only apply for the changes or also for the registration ? At this point the Pool ID still doesn’t show in the ledger …

  1. yes, update and consider changing the name of the file so the url is different.

  2. you showing up in Daedalus or any of the pool tools should happen almost instantly if done correctly. Other changes will take effect next epoch like pledge amount, fees etc…

Thanks for your help so far. Unfortunately no success yet :frowning:
I will try to create a new metadata file and go through the registration process again

Any other suggestions appreciated.

Is this the correct pool ID? I don’t think they start with the word pool? Can you please verify.

Good eye, Mark. It’s not correct - pool ids are [0-9a-f], which would explain why it wouldn’t appear on the chain.

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While trying this out on the testnet, I noticed that cardano-cli shelley stake-pool id --verification-key-file cold.vkey always returns a hash that starts with “pool…” which does not show up anywhere in the ledger details returned by cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state, so this makes me wonder if the last step outlined here is accurate.


I followed the exact instructions as described in several different articles that are around (for example the article that is pointed by Adasecure)
The content of the node.vkey does actually not contain the “pool…” string, somehow the used cardano-cli command translates this pool ID string from the content in node.vkey

Any suggestions?