Stake Pool - Pam Auth Support

Hey All,
I’m trying to sync my relays and block pro node but am getting this error “sudo[4173]: pam_unix(sudo:auth): Couldn’t open /etc/securetty: no such file or directory”


You have securetty written wrong, the correct word is: security

So it will be /etc/security

Hi DevJohn, I didn’t write that file. And, I resolved the issue. My nodes were running on 4G ram. I resized to 8G ram and haven’t had a single error message in my logs.
The nodes were crashing on 4G ram.

Oh yes, you need 8GB minimum. I am glad that you managed to sort it out! :slight_smile:

Hey DevJohn,

Hope you can help me here- my relay node is reading an error “Ip Subscription:Error 87. Failed to start all required subscriptions.”

Can you help me determine the issue here?

Hi Joel, please copy paste the content of your topology.json for your relay and block producer.