Stake Reward Details Mismatch between and


from some other similar questions here and on Reddit, I get that the detailed per epoch rewards cannot be seen in Yoroi (anymore), Daedalus or Cardanoscan, but only on Pooltool or Adapools. (I don’t quite get that, since the information clearly has to be in the blockchain somewhere. Otherwise it can’t be as secure as advertised, but anyway …)

If I now download the detailed CSV for my stake key on, the sum of the rewards there is 25.320707 ₳, but the total in Yoroi, Daedalus and for my stake key on is 25.536515 ₳.

I figured that the difference are the “instantaneous rewards” (whatever that might be, something with Catalyst as far as I could find out), but that also does not quite work out, since 25.320707 ₳ + 0.061899 ₳ + 0.019006 ₳ + 0.061899 ₳ + 0.134903 ₳ = 25.598414 ₳ = 25.536515 ₳ + 0.061899 ₳. So, the sum of the rewards according to Pooltool and the instantaneous rewards according to Cardanoscan are more than the total rewards shown in the wallets and on Cardanoscan by exactly the amount that appears twice in the instantaneous rewards.

Can anyone explain to me, what exactly is happening here? Is the information on Cardanoscan bogus regarding the doubled entry? Why are the instantaneous rewards not accounted for on Pooltool? And why are the detailed rewards per epoch so hard to show that only two of the blockchain explorers show them and not all of them?

Thank you!

Shameless self reply:

I now found the blockchain explorer, which shows both, the pool rewards and the instantaneous ones for my stake key.

It thinks that I should have 25.598414 ₳ rewards in total, which agrees with my calculation above, but disagrees with Yoroi and Daedalus, which does not seem to be a good sign. Also, the total amount is consistent, but I’m only seeing two of the four instantaneous rewards in the transaction list.

Is it so hard to give a consistent overview over all rewards going to a stake address that all tools disagree on the details more or less?