Stake rewards when transferring from hot to cold wallet

I want to transfer my staked ADA from my hot wallet to a cold wallet (Ledger nano x) in Daedalus and delegate to a stake pool from the new cold wallet. There will pass 20 days or so to get my rewards, does this also mean i will still receive stake rewards for the next 20 days or so from the old hot wallet which I just transferred? Or will I receive no stake rewards for 20 days?


After undelegation you will receive rewards for 1 more epoch

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Ok, thx for the quick response. I guess a smooth transition without loss of rewards will not be possible than. Is a cold wallet really recommended or necessary when using Daedalus in your opinion?


This is hard to answer - cold wallets are the ultimate solution to keep your privatekey safe…
but if you think that you have control on your host machine where Daedalus running, then it is not necessary…

Clear! Thanks for this.