Stake with us at Forge Stake Pool [FRG]

Taken from original reddit post:

Hey guys! Tired of over-saturated pools, high fees, and constant forks? Then stake with us at FRG! We offer 3% pool fees, 0 fixed fees, and guaranteed pool uptime/sync.

A bit about us: we are hosting on AWS (so 99.99% server uptime) and have spent the past few weeks building/optimizing the software foundation for a reliable stake pool. Doing this allows us to minimize downtime due to performance tweaks and reduce required node maintenance. We currently have 332k of ADA (our personal holdings) staked to the pool, so there’s plenty of room for growth - the current estimate for producing a block (reward) per epoch is 2-3 million ADA.

Transparency is very important to us- after all, if you stake with us, FRG Stake Pool becomes YOUR pool. FRG Delegators are able to join our dedicated telegram channel to check pool health, make suggestions or voice concerns to our pool operators, and network with other FRG delegators.

What are you waiting for? Forge a new path with us and join Forge Stake Pool.

How to find us:
Daedalus: Find “FRG” ticker with 3% profit margin (BE CAREFUL to NOT delegate to FRG with 30% profit margin)

Really? That seems a lot.

Wow.! Seems like a pretty much interesting thing to me. I am interested. Please tell me how can I signup for Forge Stake Pool[FRG].

Moreover, I already have a managed instance of AWS hosting server and unlike the conventional AWS server. It is managed by Cloudways. I hope it’s not an issue.