StakeKeyAlreadyRegisteredDELEG Error while Registering Stake Pool on Testnet

Hi All,

I am trying to create a Cardano Stake Pool on Testnet, I have completed all the steps except the last one:

Command I ran:

cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
--tx-in d1fa3ec7e579413a18e69158f869a356a46b6df6e9c471ebb6bebc2e48eaa2c5#0 \
--tx-out $(cat p1.addr)+495278596 \
--invalid-hereafter 25374368 \
--fee 195465 \
--out-file tx.draft \
--certificate-file pool-registration.cert \
--certificate-file delegation.cert

cardano-cli transaction sign \
--tx-body-file tx.raw \
--signing-key-file p1.skey \
--signing-key-file stake.skey \
--signing-key-file cold.skey \
--out-file tx.signed \
--testnet-magic 1097911063

cardano-cli transaction submit \
--tx-file tx.signed \
--testnet-magic 1097911063

I get this error:

Command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraMary (ApplyTxError [LedgerFailure (DelegsFailure (DelplFailure (DelegFailure (StakeKeyAlreadyRegisteredDELEG (KeyHashObj (KeyHash “ceb8873f5b6dfc1877072e509cd1f1d9e3c8ab028b84b93191a7d863”)))))),LedgerFailure (UtxowFailure (UtxoFailure (BadInputsUTxO (fromList [TxInCompact (TxId {_unTxId = SafeHash “2d490a6fb6f7fd411b0b4060b009f360b383f88a8d22dd8010788e2f7e015c7b”}) 0])))),LedgerFailure (UtxowFailure (UtxoFailure (ValueNotConservedUTxO (Value 0 (fromList )) (Value 997651970 (fromList )))))])

My UTXO Output value is:

cardano-cli query utxo --address $(cat p1.addr)   --testnet-magic 1097911063
                           TxHash                                 TxIx        Amount
198ae78339ec8e1149eac63bccce4ac4bcfa22994dc35855f1e467c84afa6368     0        999829879 lovelace
3459acbfdb318d7156fe5423be615157fd0d46e2c4150aeaf5e43853a5819c49     0        999829879 lovelace
7ff73a1d96f7815575711b5f9f13d1fb86f1a5753748577ff96e454077384d69     0        999829879 lovelace
d1fa3ec7e579413a18e69158f869a356a46b6df6e9c471ebb6bebc2e48eaa2c5     0        995474061 lovelace
d3b34770e9ca54cb30b5618d193a7e664ac49cfb787ad4d4274f7dc4097296a2     0        999829879 lovelace

Change Calculated:

expr UTXO_BALANCE - poolDeposit(500000000) - FEE

Environment Variable:


You built tx.draft but sign tx.raw - is that normal ?


That’s the issue. Thanks!

Sometimes, it’s the tiny details :grinning:

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My Pool is up and running. If somebody can delegate some tADA, It will helpful for me to try things on testnet first before I go on mainnet.

Pool ID: af0fefde1fe34fff3db39f4a04a6dc53723095c7cdf406657a225c7a
Pool Name: VIZ
Pool Address: pool14u87lhslud8l70dnna9qffku2derp9w8eh6qvet6yfw85r3c9mq
Link: Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web.