Staking comparison - bitvavo

Hi, I would like to compare staking on bitvavo and on some pool (besides security - I know it is better to stack coin when I have keys and not the exchange) - I’m interested in a simply reward difference.

For example at bitvavo when you have 5000 ADA u get ~2,6 ADA every >7< days. How it looks on pool (one of top 10 for example or simlar to [1STEP] 1STEP - stake pool or [HYPER] Hyperlink Pool - stake pool)? How many ADA you get each epoch? I’m asking cause calculator are misleading.


If the ROS is ~4%/year for pools then:

(5000 x 0,04)/365= 0,547945205479452 ADA/day
0,547945205479452 x 7 days = 3,835616438356164
2,73972602739726/epoch (but rewards for each epoch can be different because of pool/blocks luck)


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@ Alexd1985 (Profile - Alexd1985 - Cardano Forum) - Thank you! I can calculate this my self, I rather want to know real life data, from somebody who has similar amount of ADA on similar pool. I know there is luck effect I just need average (medium). I know from experience that calculations and real life data can be completely different, so I ask.

Go to, search for the pool then go to delegators, search for a delegator with 5000 ADA and see the rewards received per epoch


Whooaaa! Excelent! Thanks!

To accurately compare staking rewards between Bitvavo and specific pools, you should check the individual pool’s website or use their calculators. Rewards can vary based on factors like pool performance and fees, making it essential to research and choose a reputable pool for the most precise estimates.