Staking Rewards rise with rising transactions ?!

Good Evening dear Cardanians,

im not sure where to find the figures. Can somebody help my with figures.

The more transactions on the network - the more will grow the staking rewards in ADA.

Where is it written and what can be some cenarios for lets say doubling transactions, 10x transactions and 100 transactions.

Some smart cardanians here ?

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This is an interesting question,

My assumption is that the number of transactions is somehow reflected in how many total blocks are produced, and that the rewards are on a “per minted block” basis. following from this the amount of rewards R is dependent on that number of minted blocks.

Keep in mind though that bloc production increasing usually also coincides with more delegators/SPO’s so that increased number will most likely also be distributed between a growing number of people that are eligable to receive rewards from them.

Hope this clarifies my understanding of it.



Yes that is correct, the more transactions on thee network the higher the reward will be to delegators

Right now in rough numbers the Stake pool and delegators, each epoch (every 5 days), get distributed c. 32 million ADA from the reserve + c. 50k ADA from transactions. As you can see most of the reward currently comes from the reserve. With time, the number of transactions will need to increase to offset the reduction of reserve as it gets depleted over time

You can simulate here of what will happen to the reward if Current ADA supply increases and the fees from transactions remain the same. Or if the fees increase. And how this will affect different pool set-ups:

In next years the goal is to have many more TX that can support the rewards even when the reserve will drop. We are looking at 500x the number of TX we have now.