Relation transitions on cardano blockchain and staking rewards

Hello all,

I have a question.

According to my understanding, in staking there are rewards for “verification / creation of blocks”, in short.

Now, if the number of staked ADA stays approximately the same and the number of transactions increases, do the staking pool servers produce more blocks and get more rewards for it?

just asking

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The number of blocks created/minted is influenced by the amount of stake… not the number of transactionS… but the pool can receive more rewards from transactions fee

more transactions, more blocks to produce, per pool… (if staked ADA stays static)

more rewards for minting?

is staking rewards about to increase with upscaling transactions?

Mr X is using atala prism.
Saving name and other personal related data → transaction
Adding testimony etc → transaction
bla. etc. bla. → transaction

All this is being verified / added with staked ADA which is delegated to work into pools.

So if the transactions increase a 200% percent… there is a increase of transactions to be verified.
Does this lead to more blocks and therefore to more rewards per pool?

Want to understand…


In theory yes it does. But at the same time the amount taken from the reserve is decreasing over time.

On the other hand # of transactions increase and decrease in an irregular pattern compared to a specific formulae for the amount taken from the reserve, rewards are not equal for every block.

Number of blocks per epoch are always the same. Number of transactions per block change and would generate higher rewards pro block.

As has been said - at the same time another component of the amount of the rewards - namely the one from the reserve is decreasing over time.