Starting a company with a focus on Cardano?

Given that any serious, long-term development eventually requires a company (or a non-profit organization) to support all the required activities I’m surprised that there isn’t a category in this forum focused on legal/business challenges related to crypto/blockchain activities.


Running a stake pool will likely require tax payment (in some countries), does it make sense to start a company somewhere where this is legally fine and tax guidance is clear?

Building any kind of services/platforms which involve just exchanging ada-for-ada probably requires a business to run. Where should this business be started? Singapore, Switzerland, Estonia, Wyoming? Can this be a completely remote company or is physical presence required?

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I am not a lawyer but I would think starting a legal entity is a good idea. Wyoming is certainly a good choice for US residents.

Here is a link to get you started:

Here is a good youtube channel with legal advice for starting a business:

Hello guys,
I have one really stupid question but I would like to know the answer for sure so my question is:Is it possible to build some sort of website on the Cardano platform after mainnet?
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I believe the website would integrate with the Cardano infrastructure.

Here is an article that explains how business might use blockchains: