Status Inactive

Is the a reason why the transaction Status is shown as In-Active, how can i complete it? abe4849f885e9b18a66d9a8414cfe2effe342651af1c9f66f7f0a5bc

Many thanks

It’s not the status of the transaction, but the status of the stake key.

It is shown as “Inactive” on Cardanoscan as long as you have not delegated to a stake pool.

Hi Hepta Sean, right its a Stake Key and i’ve been asked to send Ada to a session address but that was all, the website is Any que, what a session address is then?

As far as I understand their page, you should be able to continue the minting process now if addr1q9hk…9tl4 was the “session address” given to you. The 3 ADA definitely arrived there three hours ago.

It seems to be just a regular Cardano address that they generate per user and use for the minting process.

Yep addr1q9hk…5k7qmj9tl4 was the address but it seemingly hasn’t worked. It’s my first time using the service, i’ll try it again :crossed_fingers: Thanks for your help.

You did write down the mnemonic, didn’t you? If I understand their interface correctly, you should get into the session with the same address (that now has 3 ADA) again, if you put it in under “Restore”.

Yes, I’ve restored the mnemonic with the session address: addr1q8uam49qccuwqzne0jf4cgc6f55yzd8rczljp7queh4wa2gvud7j9t0yf2qsag4ly4lnp5h5xzjlntkfjas9jaxfp5wsq3lq8z, I’ve been waiting around 3 hours for it to complete.

Sorry that’s not the session, address, this is: addr1q9hkru3y7qqjpghzr4f65axyaspc66er7ymdt3vf283xyddtujzflzz7nvv2vmv6ss2vlch0lc6zv5d0rj0kdals5k7qmj9tl4

I don’t know that service and don’t know how reliable it is. Sorry!

From the side of the Cardano network/blockchain, everything should be ready to mint since three hours ago:

I see, I’ll try again :+1: