Stocks as Non Fungible Token on Cardano

A non profit over collateralized to provide stocks via non fungible tokens.

Allow consolidation of asset management to Daedelus, Exodus, or metamask wallet to include coin introspection of non-fungible stock holdings to provide portfolio experience similar to existing trading platforms, but moving retail clearance and market making onto the Cardano platform.

Technical Question(s):
App Support - Will Daedelus support non-fungible coin introspection? Or would a bespoke application need to be built and synced to the chain?

Legal - Has anyone seen a framework for a a non-profit asset management firm? So far as I know none exist and assets are generally managed by legacy firms.

Legal - Has anyone seen a security token establish ownership rights to a non monetary paper asset? A deed or stock holding?

If it’s possible, i’d gladly put up 1k in securities and donate the over collateral.

Discuss!! I personally think asset management doesn’t need to be an enterprise only affair if a robust enough system is developed and the cost of compute is distributed. Pay for maintainers and office overhead should suffice, which could be generated from collateral yields and donations. Just a thought.