Subtitles for videos (cause accents + for better auto captions to other languages)

hello cardano fam, thanks to iohk and dom for creating insightful videos. having said that, we are a community made of a cosmopolitan eclectic cultures with accents to match. thing is there’s a hitch with that which is some of us are having trouble comprehending the content with clarity. the latest treasury video for instance.

i think having subtitles would help with clearer comprehension as well as better enable things like auto translated captions, helping us reach an even wider audience.

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Hello! I think so too. Are you offering your help in creating those subtitles?


Consider the latest treasury video has one of the best autogenerated sub titles i’ve seen in all IOHK videos.
There is much worse talking about “the cardinal”

You’re right, understanding a new and complex topic isn’t easy. It’s even harder when a second language comes into play.

However IOHK and Cardano Fondation told us they can’t provide and then also support a whole bunch of int.languages without an internal native speaking employee. And even if there is one, he probably has other tasks on his Todo list than translations.

We created some :ru: :kr: :de: subtitles and published them on unofficial channel
Unfortunately even good recognised autogenerated subtitles usually are not grouoed as whoke sentences. Translation services don’t work well with such input. So a lit of manual work.

There are also some community translations on this forum. For example

And there are transcripts from official videos (and even translations) at