How to get Russian subtitles approved on YouTube?

Hello! I have submitted a Russian translation for this YouTube video - (description and subtitle) about two months ago. For the whole two months I was reaching out to different people related to IOHK and the Foundation with request on what I can do to get my translation approved. Not only I did not see any help or cooperation - but no one even replied to me even once (except for the people that was helping me to get in touch with someone else, who was supposed to help with the approval).

I am building a Russian social-media community about technical stuff in Cardano (no trading), and I really want to translate and post some of the IOHK’s videos, but complete lack of cooperation makes it virtually impossible. The only other option for me now is to repost videos on my own channel or some other platform and to create subtitles there.


Can’t help but I thought this deserved a bump.

Thank you. To be fair, I was already contacted by some people thru personal messages, who promised to try and deliver my message to the Foundation. I am very glad and thankful to see the community react.


@tom.kelly @maki.mukai @jonmoss Can you guys, help out @vantuz-subhuman with this?


No problem @vantuz-subhuman, will be bringing this up during the lounge call with the foundation as promised.

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Thanks for the heads up James.

But as I responded on Rocket.Chat to @vantuz-subhuman: I have already reached out to IOHK. As they are the owners of the videos that the subtitles were submitted for. Laurie is looking into having this approved, but of course, needs someone on their team who can do a quick check to make sure the terms are all correct, etc. It will hopefully be approved soon :slight_smile: Thanks all!


Hello, @maki.mukai! And thank you for the info! Unfortunately on the chat our discussion on that matter ended at this:

Hi @vsubhuman I will check on this. I presume the IOHK team want to confirm the content is correct before approving, and perhaps are having difficulty getting russian confirmation. But I will still check for you. :slight_smile:

So I thought you just presumed that they’re watching for content confirmation, and cuz there was no elaboration on it ever since - I just assumed there’s no activity going on. But if this info is really confirmed now - thank you very much and I am sorry to have caused a fuzz. It’s just that a lack of any specific answer in two months have caused a little agitation :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for helping me resolve this issue!


Please take exactly the same into account what @vantuz-subhuman wrote in relation to the German language.
First I tried to improve the auto-generated English version of the sidechain-video. (Certainly my edits are not perfect, but they are better than “Denise intros to Cardinal”.)

Then I posted a German translation for both the description and the subtitles still waiting for confirmation.


Same situation for the formerly suggested fork of on github.
First pages where translated but up to now 0.0 feedback on multiple requests if this would/could be merged back into the official repository.

To be fair: despite the fact that many of us would be glad to help with Daedalus\Docs translation - IOHK\Foundation just can’t take that kind of a risk, because any update requires translation revision. So on those things they only can go safely with hired translators, who a obliged to be always available, unlike a community participants.

But YouTube video translations are, of course, imo, may be approved, cuz the video is a fixed content.

I agree and even though I wouldn’t sneak in any false statements I am of course not a professional translator. That’s why I asked - along with others who are willing to contribute Portuguese, French and Dutch translations - what we could do. The suggestion was to fork, what I did. Now - having the youtube contribution in mind - I’m waiting for any reaction before I continue.

Would be good to have some distributed consensus voting mechanism, where people can acknowledge or refuse translated content.

Well it might be implemented after 2020 if someone proposes and people vote for it :slight_smile:
But for now - IOHK is responsible for the software they produce, and they are doing it professionally, and I respect it a lot.

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Sorry for the confusion. I’ll bring it up again IOHK to see if there are any other steps needed. But I think its just a matter of review and approval. Thanks :smiley:

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Hello, I’d like to bring this topic back, I see the last reply to this topic has been 2 years ago. Any new related to this? I’m going to the same situation in Portuguese.