Suggestion for an easier Linux install

While I am generally used to Linux users being more tech-savvy, I am also seeing a lot of new Linux enthusiasts trying to install Daedalus on some Linux flavor, so far mostly Ubuntu, and getting frustrated that it is ‘not easy’ or ‘not possible’.

I would like to suggest a low-friction release of Daedalus on Linux that uses install files users can just click on.

I think the one I remember being super-easy for neophytes was flatpak (
There are other ways, for sure, but the theme, and what’s important is that users seem to be calling for a way to just click and install.

Just a friendly suggestion to make adoption of the wallet more delightful.



@dbwest thanks for your comment.
Fully agree with you
(I also suggested this in a live stream made by David Esser time ago)
The reply at that moment was that only one line of code needed to be added (I was not able to figure out how to do that yet)

Totally agree! If this is a product for users and not devs then it should be as simple as click to download then click to install.
You should never have to open a terminal window.
Shawn - Squid Pool