Simple, clear instructions PLZ!?

I’ve just getting into building my-self the wallet!
Which is the only option for Linux users !?
However, even being a pro, it is quite a mess:

  1. conflicting instructions, at : pointing to
    while diff instructions at default github :


  1. creazy instructions :slight_smile:
    scripts/ [OPTIONS…]

I should not care to give all this detailed info… why not 1 simple script to build the wallet with defaults? What I am supposed to do now? spend 24h browsing repos hunting versions !?

  1. this is literally the first 2 steps … it is getting more ridiculous with asking me for some nodejs dependency !? why nodejs why javascript? it is a desktop app? haskel !? did I miss something?

anyway … no mortal will go through this hell … hope win/mac support is better with installers and all !

What comes to Linux if you can’t figure it on your own it’s probably a good idea to wait for the next release of the wallet (~mid April) which is expected to have a Linux version.

Also, this discussion might be helpful


hey thanks alot that helped !

followed the instruction with 1 extra pre step :

to install nodejs latest via native package manager :

and need to add ‘export’ before : NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0

now syncing!

p.s. maybe will share a complete script as a gist