Summary of "Let's Talk Roadmap and Governance" [Charles Hoskinson presentation, 2022]

Hi there guys,

I’ve made a summary of Charles’s latest whiteboard presentation, with English subtitles so it’s easier for non-technical folks to digest.

If anyone’s interested, here’s a written short form of it:

4 development tracks:

  • Shelley Cleanup
    (partial delegation, proxy keys, p2p and genesis)

  • Goguen
    Vasil (cleanup HF, added features and capabilities [to make it less costly to scale]); better Plutus Application Backend (PAB) documentation, optimizations of the language.

  • Basho [with the 4 bellow, you get “true scalability and interoperability”]. Each of these have a team working on it.
    [I]Sidechains (new paper on August-ish: explains how to upgrade OBFT and run sidechains)
    [I]Mithril (under construction, 2 week cadence (currently on iteration nº 6 or 7)
    Input Endorsers (throughout the summer, working on an IE official paper & specification. Relies on Mithril and eUTX0. “Gets rid of any consensus bottleneck; everything is network-constrained”. “Super high TPS”. R&D team working on it.
    [S]Hydra: “dApp accelerator”, and allows to back-fill in the micro transactions use-case.

  • Voltaire
    Catalyst (“there’ll be a massive surge in voting, due to Voting Center”)
    Voting Center
    dReps, delegate representatives (basically liquid democracy)
    (how to) Link Catalyst to Mainnet (“right now it’s running as a permissioned side-chain”)
    Protocol Governance
    (Initiation of) HFC
    Changes to parameters
    CIP process
    Treasury Management

Current Structure:
Cardano Foundation [takes care of Governance]
Emurgo [ecosystem growth]
IOHK [takes care of the technical side]

Announcement in September (probably) of new structure:
Transform it into a Members Based Organization (“that would effectively run the bureaucracy of the protocol governance”). You have to either fund it, or work on it to participate. There will be committees of various topics (Governance Steering Committee, Technical SC, growth and adoptions, CIP Committee), which will make decisions about (for instances): the Roadmap, suggestions for CIPs, strategy, etc.

Bicameral structure: The MBO proposes, ADA holders vote on it.