Support for Trezor One on Deadulus

Deadulus should have support for the Trezor One. I notice on that only Trezor T is supported.

This Hardware Ledger is far more expensive than its predecessor. Most people who already have the original Trezor are not likely to buy the new Trezor T.

In order to be more inclusive it would be prudent to have Trezor 1 support. The original Trezor cost less than the current Model T which means average people will buy it vs the T.

There are likely benefits to owning a T vs a 1 do most people do not care. They just want to get in get out while saving a few bucks. With the current state of the planet people find themselves with less capital.

Some people might not feel safe using the Deadulus wallet without some kind of hardware ledger support.

This could be problematic when it comes to the rate at which adoption takes place . A for effort for Vacuumlabs do a litewallet on a companies computer server is not particularly appealing to someone who would like to safeguard thousands if not millions of ADA.

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Well duh… :grin: hardware support in Daedalus is certainly on the roadmap, but exactly which models are supported is probably more down to the hardware companies than anyone in Cardano.

There is a github repo that makes it possible for any crypto to integrate Trezor model T or Trezor One. The Ledger manufacturer does not have to do anything. It is down to the developers that build the systems that we use to interact with the Cardano Network, Dear Leader.

OK, did not know that, thanks.

The Ledger manufacturer…

Do you realize that Trezor and Ledger are different companies?

A ledger is a record of transactions that can be kept in traditional paper form, in someones centralized database or on a decentralized system of account that can only be accessed with a ledger key. True that there is a company that makes ledgers and has taken the name Ledger, but there are numerous ledger manufacturers out there.

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Sorry but you seemed to be using “Ledger” as a term for hardware wallets generally, I never saw the word used that way before.

Trezor One doesn’t support Cardano.