Supporting more languages on Daedalus


Firstly, I am not entirely sure if “Community Technical Support” is the right sub to post this topic. Apologize if this is the wrong sub.

I saw a post under 中文… where a user suggested that it would be awesome if Daedalus could support Chinese language; this could break down the language barrier and attract more Chinese-speaking ADA holder to the community.

The original post is -> “强烈建议 在代达罗斯钱包加入中文选项 越来越多中国币友加入 希望重视 谢谢”

I think this is a good idea, so I re-post a similar post here.

*I guess it might take a long time to translate the terms of use to Chinese language; and I am wondering if the translator needs to have a legal background.


Hello! This is already discussed here:

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