Daedalus Dutch translation


Hi guys,
love the project, love the idea! Cardano will be huge!
I want to volunteer to do the dutch translation for Daedalus (others required?), so if this sounds interesting, let me know!

Keep up the good work!



Hey @Godspeed :slight_smile: Welcome and thanks for your kind offer… noted and appreciated!

We will definitely be in touch - we are looking at translations soon.

Best wishes,


Will Daedalus software support more languagues in the future?

Goed bezig!


Hello Jon,

no problem, you keep up the good work, we’ll keep on supporting ADA!
Let me know when i can help! :slight_smile:

Talk soon!


Zo moet dat het! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Jon, I can help with French as well. Just say the word! :slight_smile: