I'd like to volunteer to translate


I’m Spanish and I could translate to Spanish and Catalan, from English. I want to volunteer to do it in small texts like the ones Daedalus or Yoroi have.

I don’t know if now it’s the right time to add languages or if the IOHK or Emurgo teams already have this task covered. I wanted to express this here so I can hopefully get an answer on how are these thing currently.

I can be interested in translation beyond the Cardano project as well, but maybe not as a volunteer. The same would be the case for long texts.

I have no professional experience in this task but I like to do things well, with time, and learn whatever I need to learn on the way.



Maybe you could start by translating some of the announcements that the partners have issued that interest you, and then sharing them to your social pages and also here (maybe in the Random category??), there are many many announcements coming out from the partners that could use a Spanish translation, could be a good start anyway.


It is amazing that members of the community offer again and again to do translations. I think it’s great, and I would like to see something we can do together to make the most important texts available in other languages.

However, the official line is that only what can be verified by official staff is translated.
Try looking for “Translation” here in the forum to get an idea.
I hope that something will be possible in the near future, because after all the effort for the translation, it would be important that it is visibly linked.



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I assume that many who found their way to this website or are working in the crypto-currency area, don’t have that much problems to read, understand and contribute in English.

However it should be considered, that a very huge part of citizens arround the globe have difficulties to access this informations. Especially the easy-entry and general describing content.
From a marketing and adoption point of view a big market.
How big? Look at


Ei, et volia escriure un missatge privat i diria que ho he penjat al xat aquell dels logos per un potcast :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved:

Em perdo un xic encara per aquí dins…

Escolta em faria molta il·lusió poder parlar amb tu!! A veure com ho fem amb tot això :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

T etiqueto @NoelCresencio per assegurar-me q tard o d hora t arriba la notificació.:smile:

Em dic Anna, visc per Osona i vinc més del activisme q de la informàtica i fa menys d un any que sóc una hodler. Però tinc una idea extravegant q m agradaria compartir amb tu :smile:

Espero de debò aconseguir contactar amb tu mas pronto q tarde.
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