Will Daedalus software support more languagues in the future?

Hello everyone.

Currently the Daedalus’s software only has English and Japanese, any plan about supporting more languages in the future?

For example, Chinese, Spanish, and more languages?

This is the best I could find for you after making a quick search.

The CF is obviously interested in translations and has had it on the radar before, I imagine that it is no easy thing to do to have it translated and officially supported, and although Cardano is a top 10 cryptocurrency we cannot forget that it is a new product and we should remember to have patience as Cardano continues to be built.
I do expect to see Daedalus translated into several languages in the future, although I would not dare speculate on when in the future these would come about.


@Luisito_Lee Thanks for your post - it would definitely be worth emailing IOHK about this and letting them know :slight_smile:

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