Survey - Need ideas for the name of a Podcast




“Cardano Cast” or “The Cardano Effect”


Some out there ones
“School of ADA”
“Philpa on Cardano”
“How to ADA”
“Ada lovelace and the rise of the Bull”

I do like “Cardano Gateway” if adoption is the name of the game


I personally like The Analytical Engine. But the Cardano Effect is probably the best name. We need all the brand recognition we can get.


The Cardano Factor


“The Analytical Engine” sounds best to me. It conveys some gravitas and stands out from the clowns that populate the crypto space. Just my two lovelaces…


Cardano Odyssey


All Things ADA

(If someone already said this I did not see it so no apologies)


:cardano: CARDANO circle jerk :rofl:, also great for a stake pool name


You always make me laugh Sean :laughing:


The CARDANO Calling with both a’s in cardano the ada symbol :smile:


I think the name depends on what you want to cover in the podcast. Exclusively or at least mainly Cardano? Then the name can/should reflect this. Or would you like to cover the whole crypto scene? Then the name should not contain Cardano, Ada, Lovelace.

I like “The Analytical Engine” and “My Two Lovelace” most. Other (more or less stupid) ideas are “sADAllite data”, “Cardano Background”, “ADAventure channel”, “On Cardano by Rick and Philippe”, “Cardano - the big picture”,…


This will be a Cardano centered podcast. We may touch on other crypto projects, but both of us are very passionate about Cardano.


How about




The future of money or Cardano gateway are my two favorites


I like this one, however if you can incorporate Cardano or ADA in to the Analytical Engine that would be my choice. I.e (The Analytical Engine Powered by ADA / Cardano) or (The Analytical ADA Engine)


Cardano project podcast

Financial operating system




Please vote for the name you like the most. Thank you!