Survey - Need ideas for the name of a Podcast


The Michael Parsons Hour :joy:




What about “Cardano Talk”

Easy to figure out and represent directly to the theme which is talking about Ada, cardano, and blockchain technology.


I don’t like any of them. :frowning: Not Ada Talk please please flip it around to Talking ADA. The acronym is TADA for god’s sake!


Ada love place


The Cardano Effect! It would be nice to discuss various specific use cases and how specifically cardano could be implemented to spark entrepreneurial activity among the community and developers! Need more viral sharing, to get into general public consciousness.


Or maybe a stolen idea: “Let’s talk Cardano!”


It appears “The Cardano Effect” is the top choice for now, submitted by Telegram user Tachycardia.

Will check back in 8 hours.


ADApt or a variation e.g.,

To highlight the constant evolution of the space/ADA itself.