Switched to a fork, is action required?

122 of these “Switched to a fork” messages since early yesterday

[vmi61607:cardano.node.ChainDB:Notice:82] [2021-07-02 02:06:23.48 UTC] Switched to a fork, new tip: 5482c2b7462469a1287adc4b029478220bcd2dc500c127bd07b923b516acf72f at slot 33625292

Does this require some action on my part, or OK to ignore? Reason I ask, I saw some statement about a script at Useful scripts for stake-pool operators which will automatically restart the node if it forks. Since that was January 2020, don’t know if that article is outdated or if it even refers to the fork message I’m seeing.

Searched the forum for a related topic, but couldn’t find one that explained the meaning behind the message.

The nodes are synced and running? Also are processing TX? If yes then no actions need

PS: which version are u using?

Transactions being processed and all synced. Running 1.27.0

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