Testnet and MVP

Can someone help to understand what is the MVP for the testnet ? I understand the initial release is a kind of sandbox that we can play in our local machines with no network.

I am wondering what is the MVP for this testnet phase and when we will have the real deal… I mean, with decentralized network in test before Shelley.

For me it is not clear at all.

Hi, Watch this video if you haven’t already:

yes, I already watched and this is why I have this question

What is MVP again?

minimum viable product

I know what MVP means… I wanna know what is the features part of MVP

I was replying to @Donnybaseball

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This is for people who are engaging with the development process. If you’re not doing that, you don’t need to know exactly what this release does and does not do. If you are doing that (a) you’d know where to ask such things (the TG group), and/or (b) you’d download and run it yourself.

Development people ? I would like to know which features there are availables to test myself. Am I asking too much ? I do not think so. BTW… I installed everything in few minutes… .what I can test ? What is expecting next ? Is the MVP only this first release ? I really would like to understand.

You misunderstand me. It is open to anyone. I suggest you study the staking website and join the TG group. But it requires some initiative on your part, your first task is to find the relevant resources! :grin:

so if I join TG, I will have a better info comparing to this forum ? What is the purpose of this forum then ? When we will have a real network thing ?

The TG group is purely for people interested in running staking pools.

I will join… but I am honestly disappointed with this first release.

Tell that to the people who are actually working on it.

I am pretty sure they know… I mean… I hope.