Testnet faucet on mary launchpad not working

So I am following the tutorial here to get some practice with tokens and was doing fine until I get to the step where I have to fund my address. I am running the testnet node using the launchpad topology files in the tutorial, and can see a wallet with no balance when i run cardano-cli query on the address. I put the address in the testnet faucet and received a response saying 1000 tADA was successfully sent, but have not received anything for ~3 hours and cannot try again due to the 1x day limit. I neglected to look at the transaction log in the link so I am unsure if an error occurred and is reported there but I cannot try again until tomorrow, is 3 hours normal? Any idea where I am going wrong or where I should start looking? I confirmed it was the right address so a missend is unlikely.