Testnet log question: INFO PushHeaders request failed

I’m running a stake pool on the nightly testnet v0.8.0-rc10.
I have looked through my log file and noticed that there are over 3500 lines containing a similar error as shown at the bottom of this post.

What is the meaning of this error? I assume just by reading it that my node is trying to make a connection with a no-longer online/available node? Is that correct. Is this anything to worry about?
Could anyone else check their logs for comparison to see if its just me getting so many of these errors.
Also I tried asking this on the telegram but it got lost in the torrent of messages!

Logs output:

INFO PushHeaders request failed, error: Error { code: Unavailable, source: Status { code: Unavailable, message: "the service is unavailable" } }, node_id: 9085fa5caeb39eace748a7613438bd2a62c8c8ee00040b71, peer_addr:, task: network

Did you ever figure out the answer to this question? Since i started running my node, i keep getting the same error. I have been through 15 epochs and still haven’t made a block. I wonder if this has anything to do with it.