TESTNET SPO COURSE: Returning Faucet Funds from paymentwithstake.addr

Hello all!

First, thank you all for this vibrant and supportive community!

I would like to know how to query to blockchain to see if I registered the stake (paymentwithstake.addr) cert.

I would like to know this because while going through SPO tutorial I changed some of the steps because I like to play around with things (how I learn) and I sent all of the tADA to paymentwithstake.addr. I do not remember (how far into the tutorial I went) if I registered the cert on the blockchain.

At this time I would like to return the tADA to the faucet but I cannot seem to draft a functional transaction and I believe this is for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. that I did register the cert and I there are steps or a particular to divest funds from this address, or
  2. that I did not register the certificate and yet there is still something I do not understand.

Best case I could continue with the stake registration paying for it with the funds in paymentwithstake.addr or return the funds and generate new addresses (start over).

Thank you all for your help!


go through on this topic:

so you can also verify that 2 ADA is needed to add to the txout…