Thank you for using Discourse


I’m not a shill for them, I actually had no idea it existed.
It is an incredible platform for a forum, very responsive, and @discobot was the best welcome you could get on a forum. (inspected source to see if I could spot anything familiar, googled discourse, found what it was).

I will definitely use it if I ever have to build a forum! Sorry for the non-crypto thread.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I am not sure if this is the best place to suggest this. But for a new category I would suggest Financial Analysis or Impact of Roadmap achievements. A discussion of financial potential of Cardano/ADA. How It will solve the various problems of scalability, interoperability within the crypto currency world as well as with legacy systems, and the sustainability issues. How it will solve the problem of money “elasticity”. What factors will allow it to overtake Ethereum, then Bitcoin. Will smart contracts built on this platform supplant coins built with a proof-of- work protocol such as Monero, etc? With this discussion focused on financial and price impact of certain achievements.


Yes, Discourse by CodeHorror (Cofounder of StackOverFlow). He took his success from SOF and redirected his talent and team into Discourse, built on RubyOnRails.

I enjoy his tweets, although he has been quite for a couple of months:


Modern forum, for modern cause.