The Cardano Foundation's stance on stake pool advertisement

The Cardano Foundation’s stance on stake pool advertisement


Our valued community now runs more than 1,000 stake pools—a healthy sign of decentralization and the increasing stability of the Cardano blockchain.

We want to support our stake pool operators, but as a Foundation, our channels must remain impartial. The recent rise in stake pool advertising and promotion prompts us to kindly remind our community that any kind of such activity is not permitted on Cardano Foundation owned channels.

Our channels, including social media networks, are a platform to discuss the future and development of Cardano, to share and inspire ideas in the spirit of collaboration, and also to learn from each other and help the community flourish.

We would be grateful if our community would be mindful of the following:

All stake pool advertisements and promotional content will be removed.

Keeping it ad-free

Everyone loves ad-free internet, and this extends to our community. But we aren’t here to stifle innovation and the proliferation of stake pools. So, what is allowed on our official channels, including social media networks, in regards to stake pool names?

  • Display names including pool names and ticker(s), e.g.” John Doe [JDOE]”;
  • Written references to your stake pool(s) in video or blog descriptions;
  • Splash screen or logo(s) containing the stake pool name/references with a duration of no longer than three seconds.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping to keep our community inclusive and impartial for all participants.

Please note, the Cardano Foundation reserves the right to change these rules at any time at its discretion.


The only problem is quality video content does not pay for itself. Somebody has to pay for things like equipment and software assets like royalty free music. A stake pool is a money making business, and often the sole sponsor of a content creators work (because that’s the only other thing someone can do to generate income on Cardano). The Cardano Foundation, by trying to look impartial, are in reality suffocating quality content by creators who are fiercely loyal to the brand. I think the solution, while unfortunate, is clear. As a content producer, I’m not going to use these channels to promote my work… because I have to encourage people to delegate to my pool. The pool business pays the newscast’s bills. 30 seconds isn’t too much to ask.

  • This does however stifle any content creators that are trying to build a sustainable channel.

As I mentioned prior this is directly targeted at YouTube SPO and no other media. There are articles on the forums with gambling ads that provide no real value other than “ADA WILL TAKE OVER ETH” from a news source that has no affiliation with Cardano. Yet a community member that runs a stakepool can not mention their stakepool.

When this was mentioned last time we were told to go post on the trading forum, which we all know is the lowest tier of content.

There’s no use in beating a dead horse, I think this is a complete misstep at the benefit for no one. If there were a thousand operators making quality content for the sole purpose of education then the community would be a better place. That’s not the case though, there are less than 25 creators that make content and they are now limited to posting on the forums.

Here were my thoughts on the last post: Cardano Media Guidelines On Official Channels - Your Input Is Desired (Stake Pool Advertising)

They are still relevant. But I will follow the rules and no longer post any content.