The CNC 100K Charity Raffle

Hello everyone,

As a Climate Neutral Cardano member I wanted to share the fact that CNC has organised a raffle to raise funds for our partner NGO in Madagascar, Tetikasa Ala, who will use the funds for our reforestation and permaculture project. Anyone with a beautiful Raffle Ticket NFT in their digital wallet stands the chance to secure one of three prizes, collectively valued at up to 8000 ADA.

Tickets are available on the CNC Raffle Page. A single ticket is available for 50 ADA and discounts are now available for ticket bundles: three tickets for 130 ADA and five tickets for 210 ADA. The proceeds of the sale, except for a small fee for NMKR, go directly to Tetikasa Ala. The sales window closes on August 23rd, 2023.

For the background story on the ISPO kindly check Cardano Spot for the article.

We appreciate your support and wish you good luck in the raffle!