The Governance Category on the Cardano Forum

Hey there and happy day awesome soul
Hope you have a great day

Here a brief article for you which introduces the new Governance Category on the Cardano Forum in a nice format :slight_smile:

Governance Category - Cardano Forum.pdf (3.5 MB)

Hope to have you here to collectively build the future of Cardano Governance.
More content to get you smoothly on board and to hopefully encourage and empower everyone to take part in new emerging Cardano Governance will follow soon… until then, jump in and share your thoughts already :slight_smile:


Let’s go! I’m ready for the Age of Voltaire :smiley:


If anyone needs help here at the forum, my DM’s are always open for anyone :slight_smile:


It brings me joy to see the Cardano community coming together to actively engage in discussions and planning for the future of governance of Cardano. Participation and collaboration is crucial for the continued growth and success of Cardano.