The OHOH7 Club opened the doors for delegators

Ticker: OHOH7
Fixed fee: the minimum of 340 ADA
Variable fee: 0.07% until the end of the year 2020 !

PoolID: d4b5b8d5c83e97b2cd90a0fd818f3c9d8e7388bcc7706327a92d2092

OHOH7 is a professional Cardano Staking Pool hosted in ISO 27001 certified Data Centers spread over different locations and countries. Server administration is performed by an experienced Linux System Administrator (10 yrs+) to ensure utmost Reliability and Availability. OHOH7 is focused on High Quality Services at low costs on the long term - so we will able to return attractive gains to our delegators.
We also support other crypto projects in a similar way and we are proudly happy to offer these experiences to an extraordinary Cardano Community as well.

Happy staking with [OHOH7] :wink: