The Realistic Assassination of Bitcoin / Devil's Advocate

Long Story Short before I jump into topic. I avoided Crypto currency for the most part then I had a dream one night that woke me up , it said “This guy invested in Ethereum or something” in a ditsy voice. I laughed out loud. True Story.

The next day I came across an article on Microsoft that mentioned Cardano and how it was a Sustainable Cryptocurrency. I invested a little bit. I feel fortunate to be able to comment here and learn more about cryptocurrency through Cardano.

One of the many few things I was and am doing/learning before was Sustainability.

In this journey I came across that Jay Z and P.Diddy ran out of a sweatshop in Honduras up to 2002. Arguably these guys made the majority of their fortunes through textiles and exploited labor and human rights abuses, believe it or not despite their commercial success in music and other ventures.
Honduran Sweatshops |

Where this comes in to conversation with Bitcoin. Jay Z is a board member of Square now known as Block.

The irony of profiting from exploited labor in Central America and benefiting from a country like El Salvador disturbs me to no extent as I’m sure it would disturb many Latin peoples and other Human Beings. Kind of defeats the purpose of the greater idea of decentralization. *Google Search “Jay Z Occupy Wall Street” They had a falling out.

Ever since I found out I have harassed the heck out the board of Block on twitter and ran a thread full of links on their customer service.

I would Argue that in the same “novelty” that Bitcoin has gained popularity through Celebrity Culture it could also take a deep dive with the Figurative “Assassination” of the Block Board Member. I would imagine arguably the President of El Salvador could sue.

*Also if your interested in this particular subject, these guys went to Bangladesh after Honduras. The lowest paid wages for Garment workers in the world. Believe it or not. In 2013 P.diddy was manufacturing in a place that was making knock off stuff of Walmart and Disney. Google search “P.diddy Tazreen Fire Enyce”. 112 people killed and hundreds more injured when a Manager locked the door on a burning building. the link here goes into further detail. but from a different source only $1200 were compensated to the families. *not to be confused with the Dhaka factory Collapse

Death Traps: The Bangladesh Garment-Factory Disaster | The New Yorker

Everything said with the upmost Respect to those who suffered.

A plan to divide and conquer. I would argue that in a metaphorical beheading of this figure Twitter goes crazy, Jack Dorsey Loses his mind, Bitcoin takes a plunge and other Cryptocurrencies find the light.

(My theory is Bitcoin has paved the way and we would all be better off without it, and without it there would be a distribution of attention to the other cryptocurrencies)

It’s the philosophical idea of righteousness and nobility applied to a real life situation that defeats corruption. It may sound in bad taste tying tying cryptocurrencies to this but I wouldn’t here if I didn’t believe it goes much deeper than that. For the greater good right?

I’m being mindful that the topic is a sensitive one and maybe one day Our Government would bring justice and that is the best way but it’s very unlikely.

After this being said. I’m not wanting anyone to fight my battles, but maybe everybody could gain. Especially a step toward justice and accountability on behalf of the developing world.

But also i just saw a Movie Called “Throne Of Blood” It’s a classic Japanese Samurai Movie.
It has a Shakespearean message. A Samurai goes into the woods and meets a spirit. The spirit tells him that he is destined to be king. It’s a really profound movie, I cant quite put it into words but it’s clouded in irony, the baggage that comes with claiming the thrown. So beware.

We Lay Where We Fall.