The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher


I dont agree with that, the definition of money is not an invention, it is a inherent function of a market. I will get back and exactly define this function. The definition is actually a description of this function. I did read your list of definitions, and was actually going to go through each one that was relevant.

Phony money and schemes are based on trust - the free markets choice of money is not based on trust


That’s the beauty in the Science, scientits create models and the consensus is made by the summ of the existing models, as nothing is deterministic/exact in our world, even Physics and Math.
You do not need to agree, but I can create simple models that are consistent with the expextations and observations and will be against of your statements.

That’s why. If we cannot agree on the basic definitions then there is no point of any arguments.


Scientist consensus is derived from a subjective reference frame, of course you can debate if there is a objective reality without a subjective reference.

If there is a objective reality it would be by definition exact

The world itself, could very likely be deterministic

even thought quantum physics do give leave-way to probabilistic universe, there are many theories including the many worlds theory that would in end result, be deterministic. Even though from a subjective and limited reference frame, it would be appear and in a way be probabilistic.


No, we just can use probabilistic to determine the future, but that is no exact.


But that could mean that you just have incomplete information, it does not prove that it is a non-deterministic universe.


Agree, but based on our current knowledge it’s non-deterministic.


That is up to debate, and it is a well known topic of discussion among the top scientist

This is not something we have an answer for, and many theories have each their own conclusion on this.


We have almost no answer to anything but some degree of consensus.


Science wins again:


Industrial Diamonds have been created for ages in labs for all kinds of things.

Again, at this time, they are not the same, they might be of the same material, but they do not look like natural diamonds under a microscope.

They have the same value as a fake rolex

That is again, because diamonds like most other gemstones are a collectors item, the history of it matters. The commodity value of it is what the Industrial diamond value lies at.

If this was the same with gold, if someone found a way to create gold, then gold would plummet, cause gold aint no collectors item. No one would care if it is “natural” gold, also there wouldn’t be a difference in any way. and again, just to be technical, Gold is an element and Diamonds are not.


Can’t wait till they start bringing metric tons of precious metals down from asteroids and the only thing of “value” left is computer money.



There is actually lots of gold in the ocean - in seawater… Just uneconomical to extract at this point.


There is a way, pretty sure its a nuclear recipe that turns Mercury to gold, watched a show on it once, its just not economical in any way at the time, cant say how it is done but it was a good show anyway.


Max supply of 45,000,000,000 ADA.

If they reach $10,000 each, that’s a total market cap of $4,500,000,000,000,000

Or $4,500 Trillion (Did I get that right? Its a lot anyway)

USA Annual GDP is $18.5 trillion so its 2,500 years USD GDP.

That sound a little optimistic if you ask me

I double checked my figures and it seems too much but I had a heavy night last night so please excuse me if I got it wrong.

I hope not, I thought a global crash was immanent and we were all going to be nuke’d but now I can see the future is bright.
We can all afford a robot to go to work for us while we can go to the pub.


希望能达到这个金额 ,:微笑:


Anybody knows how many people who actually owns ADA today/ or how many daedalus addresses exist today that has some value of ADA? I am thinking it can be relevant in predicting future price and scarcity before mass adoption and wall-street money pouring in. Anybody knows or is it even possiible to figure out? From the ADAtracker the top 100 addresses accounts for about 35-40% of all ADA.


all this math with ADA conversion needs to go. Simply let it reflect that there is actually 25m ADA and see the price skyrocket overnight to $50


Nice insight

Так что если я понял это правильно, это то, как распределение Lovelace / ADA на адрес выглядит в 2018-07-13

Большинство адресов содержат баланс между 1000-10000 ADA

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