The Shelley hard fork: all you need to know

:grimacing:ok andy so 12word still valid also in new shelly wallet??

As said before; please wait for the explanation.

yup thanks andy will do that👍

@darko Great work, would like to begin staking. For some reason my Windows 10 machine tells me that both blockchain and history synch fully, but I never receive tADA from the faucett. Any clue? Any issues? I Watched the video, read medium, looked up known issues, kept updating deadalus … would appreciate and hints to get the wallet to work.

This is mainnet, not testnet, no tADA, no faucet.

Have you read this?


A couple of questions:Should I delete my new Shelley address from the Daedalus wallet after delegating my stake?

Will my delegated stake decrease if I spend my ADA? e.g. If I delegated all 100ADA in my wallet, and then spent 30ADA, what happens?

Simplest way to explain, by an example:

  1. I delegate my wallet (i.e. bunch of addresses it has funds on it) that contains 1000ADA on Monday.
  2. The epoch turn-over (next epoch is due to) is Friday
  3. The stake snapshot is taken (means your 1000ADA as stake is stored) on Friday which is based on all the delegated stakes (not really but for the sake of the simplicity is fine)
    • so your stake is activated, means you will earn based on this.
  4. After next Wednesday my delegation reward will be calculated and a 5 days later it will be delivered to your account.

So, if I spend 100 of my ADA between the delegation time (1.) and the next epoch snapshot (3.), then I only would delegate 900, as I spent it before snapshot, so the snapshot balance is 900.

But, if I spend that 100 ADA after Friday’s snapshot (3.) and before the following Wednesday (4.), I would earn interest on the whole 1000 ADA, but 900ADA would only included in the Wednesday’s snapshot.

I hope it makes sense, as the most important thing is the snapshot balance of your wallet at the start of the epoch.


I did. It just not easily accessible. Hence why I asked the question to determine if I need to make prior arrangements.

what happens if someone registers a phishing link in stake pool manifest

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So the ITN rewards will be redeemed after the 3rd, and there’s no timeline involved?

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Unsure how to transfer my stakepool operator rewards to new Shelly Block given I do not have recovery words just my private key to my pool. I shut down my ITN pool Weeks ago.

HI. I wonder if you send this for technical support you’ll get a quick(er) response/help? Not sure, but worth trying.

I’ve the same problem, I only have the private key, on pooltool there was a banner saying that there was a update that permits to get itn reward, but after update I cannot see any menu voice to do that.
Someone has more information about this?

You’re not crazy. Just so I can clarify the details:

I had a Yoroi paper wallet which was included in the ITN snapshot on November 29th 2019.

As you can if was definitely included in the snapshot:

The Yoroi paper wallet is 21 words, combined with a password (the wallet is seeded from the combination of words and password with this type of wallet). The rewards wallet for the ITN (the Shelley wallet) is derived from the same recovery words and password - it is not separate.

This type of wallet is not redeemable in Daedalus.

I’ve only managed to recover the Byron wallet in the latest Yoroi Shelley release version (3.1.0). There seems to be a problem recovering the Shelley wallet. There’s a missing era selection window. See github issue I created:

When will pool operators start producing blocks? I see it was slated for epoch 2 8/8-8/13, but none have been produced.

Also, when talking about epochs, will you always reference Shelly epochs as (current epoch - 208) = Shelly epoch? Seems a bit confusing. I know epoch 208 or Shelly epoch 0 begins a new era, but that doesn’t reflect the actual epoch displayed in the wallets. So just curious.

It was pushed back to 8/12 due to a bug that prevented 1/3 of pools from being visible in Daedalus. Although the patch was supposed to fix these missing entries I still have about the same as I did before the update. Makes me wonder if it was worth pushing it back for a handful of pools.

Makes pool operators who had their stuff together on time and stayed up days to get the pools running on launch day waste their time. I have read many posts, slacks and watched videos from pool operators who feel let down. I just want to get the ball rolling after all this time like most of you and watch the price go up for once this month and not come crashing down.

Interesting. I thought I read in a post by IOHK that they were concerning pushing it back b/c of the bug you mentioned, but decided to move forward with the original plan. They must have backed out of that.

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Epoch is a 5 day interval, as for the delay everyone had their pools ready it was a bug in the software and nothing to do with pool operators.

The following may be of some interest.

Thx :vulcan_salute:

Please follow the next instructions to redeem ITN rewards for the stake pool operators:

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