The Tallest Pyramid

I imagine once the whole population is on a network, especially one that has a universal voting system and everyone has access to a bank account.

the majority could vote for a Universal Basic Income.


Probably yes

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that could be the future but how the votes could work exactly?


And why should we need a blockchain for this voting?

I would imagine the Transparency is what gives blockchain the edge.

But more than that I would imagine Cardano is on that kind of trajectory, To empower the disenfranchised.

If a new voting system were to come from the establishment it would be as a result of something like a Cardano making noise in a similar fashion btc and other cryptocurenncies are pushing the “urgency” for a cbdc.

I’ve had a few dialogues on the subject so excuse me if I’m repetitive in this notion:

The term “decentralization”. It’s a word that has become in mass circulation even though the internet itself is a decentralized concept.

We are consistently pushing the boundaries of decentralized concepts as a society in the west and the rest of the modernizing world for the most part but now the term decentralization is now in peoples general understanding

I would argue cryptocurrencies with the idea of a voting system and the the idea of universal basic income embodies the decentralized concept.

it is more attractive in practice than the idea of whatever cryptocurrency reaching a high price value.

we often hear to “back the unbanked”. People still don’t have jobs. It makes sense to me when speaking about decentralization to speak about the possibility of a universal basic income.

and that “dollar” would be the strongest “dollar”

The one sheltering the homeless, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick.

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