Is Bitcoin a Metaphor of vulnerability for the decentralized concept? Is Cardano the Strength?

I believe I’m understanding more about what’s going on with the idea of “decentralization”. In theory it has definitely gained points as far as my opinion goes ( I more or less naturally play devils advocate in my opinions, and it’s winning me over). After I went through a vague understanding it’s kind of plain as day the appeal.

But my apprehension is that if I were to look at the social, political, economic spectrum objectively, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and it’s current popularity is a prime example in my opinion of how decentralization is vulnerable. If we were to look at each crypto currency as a vote, then bitcoin is winning hands down.

If we were to translate this idea of decentralization into say something like a vote for cigarette smoking in public places, then maybe we would all be subjected to second hand smoke if a lottery system were put in place with the purchase of a pack.

I really like the idea (decentralization), I just don’t trust the general public in our understanding, especially when it comes to consequence and responsibility

Obviously Respect to Cardano for being the better option here.