The ultimate currency

As an aspiring sci-fi writer I often indulge myself futurology contemplations. I like to conceive plausible ideas but also hear others opinions.

Since this forum revolves around a cryptocurrency and solutions it provides perhaps you have some interesting thoughts and ideas to share or discuss.

I believe that the ultimate currency will be an independent AI entity. Living cybernetic organism. This could solve many issues we are currently facing and cannot overcome - like theft, financing crime etc. Being able to communicate with an intelligent being would enable us to set some rules and solve problems. If the currency is programmed to benefit the society not only the elites, that could be close to a perfect solution.

What do you think?


I think Dfinity is doing something like what you describe here—an AI like governance structure that also helps maintain the network and reverse transactions, etc.

I could definitely see myself buying/reading a novel like that!

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I believe the ultimate currency, (ie CARDANO) is diminishing in value as we type…Unless we all get together and talk it UP.